NFT on the blockchain

NFT stand for non-fungible tokens and can be basically anything like crypto kitten or a piece of digital art which is what go me interested in it. An NFT basically mean that the actual token is unique and can be identified as such, even if in the case of art you can have multiple of the same NFT it isn't really the same, you can differentiate between the first edition or the second edition.

Unlike physical art, digital art has the advantage of being easily transferable and because of blockchain you can certify ownership and the transactions are transparent. It is easy to have a digital market for that art that anyone can access.


One site that go me to get into NFT is, it run on Hive and you can buy art directly with your Hive user account. I bought my first piece from @stellabelle like 4 months ago for 60 Hive (or Swap hive) and I can still see the transaction on the blockchain via a hive explorer available on the site. (see screenshot below)


Because I wanted to do this article I thought it would be ca good idea to check back on the NFT Showroom website and I discovered a nice surprise. @stellabelle gave me another piece of art as a thank you for buying her crypto art ealier this year so thanks to her :), If you want to get yours it looks like she will be giving some more until December 1st if you buy one of her piece of art. (see screenshot from the site I just made today)


Anyway I really like the site because it feel like I have my own litle gallery on the web and I can see my collection and buy more art at the same time, I think I will buy some tonight or this weekend because I just like the experience and I think it is great that crypto is able to support artists around the world and pay them for their art.

You can see my growing art collection here :

I will do another blog post about other NFT at some point, probably some NFT on Ethereum.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a great weekend !