Buying a new Ledger nano with blackfriday 40% discount

I have been postponing buying a new ledger for some time and I thought about it again a month ago, then I thought it would be a good idea to wait and see if price would go down for Christmas (yeah I totally forgot about blackfriday)

Having a hardware wallet is an increase in security for holding your crypto and I believe it is worth the investment if you have some crypto to protect. It is even better because I can pay the product with fiat which is losing money value everyday due to covid (and gov printing press) so it is a good moment to use it before it goes to zero and invest the rest in some crypto.

The downside of ledger for me is that I believe it isn't yet possible to secure Hive private keys, I don't know if somebody is working on this project but that would be great.

Ledger does have a few differents product and I wanted the latest nano X and the 15€ OTG kit with all the cables. The total price for that was 86,40€ VAT and shipping included which was a pretty good deal, I got like 40€ off.

The offer should last until next monday on November 30th, you just have to add BLACKFRIDAY20 when in your cart and click apply.


I hope this helped !