HIVE for Web3

NFT on the blockchain

NFT stand for non-fungible tokens and can be basically anything like crypto kitten or a piece of digital art which is what go me interested in it. An NFT basically mean that the actual token is unique and can be identified as such, even if i

I kind of forgot about account creation tokens

Going through my wallet I realized I haven't claimed account tokens for a while. Account tokens as their name suggest are used to create a new account for someone on the hive blockchain for free. So you can use them to onboard new fri

HIVE on coinmarketcap

I justed checked coinmarketcap this morning and using the search bar I got a result for HIVE and HVD which I immediately added to my watchlist. This is a start, currently the market cap is unknown so ranking doesn't work, right now we

Finally made it to STEEMIT

Hello Steemians, I am Walter. I was born in France about 21 years ago, I left my home country in 2008 at age thirteen when my mum got a job in Wellington, New Zealand. This is where I spent my teen years and where I got th