# New Splinterlands reward system - Splinter Stats Ranked Rewards Season 2 Report Card

@walterjay This games get better every few months and I am really looking forward to the land expansion now. I have been buying some more chaos packs recently on the secondary market since

# My first try - Splinter Stats Splinterlands Season 74 Report Card

@walterjay I see a lot of players from splinterlands posting their report card and I was wondering how they got it. I decided to try it out. This is my first season report and I belie

NFT on the blockchain

NFT stand for non-fungible tokens and can be basically anything like crypto kitten or a piece of digital art which is what go me interested in it. An NFT basically mean that the actual token is unique and can be identified as such, even if i

Buying a new Ledger nano with blackfriday 40% discount

I have been postponing buying a new ledger for some time and I thought about it again a month ago, then I thought it would be a good idea to wait and see if price would go down for Christmas (yeah I totally forgot about blackfriday)

Buying land on splinterland

Since the announcement by the splinterland team of the first stage of the sale of land I was hyped, I sold some other crypto to stack up on credits in order to buy a Tract (100plots) in order to participate in the extension of the game which

I kind of forgot about account creation tokens

Going through my wallet I realized I haven't claimed account tokens for a while. Account tokens as their name suggest are used to create a new account for someone on the hive blockchain for free. So you can use them to onboard new fri

Investing in the stock market - uber sell 160% profit:

Hello everybody, As part of my challenge to get the weekly author badge I wanted to share with you my experience of using the Revolut app to trade on the US stock market. Even for the basic account you are allowed a few free tr

HIVE on coinmarketcap

I justed checked coinmarketcap this morning and using the search bar I got a result for HIVE and HVD which I immediately added to my watchlist. This is a start, currently the market cap is unknown so ranking doesn't work, right now we

Seven Day Black & White Challenge - Day 2 - "cathedral"

Rules: Seven black and white images that represent your life. Present one phot

Wirex cards you can now convert back to Bitcoin:

If you follow crypto news you probably saw somewhere that VISA europe just canceled the licence of Wavecrest limited which is a major provider of visa debit card that can be loaded with crypto-currency, services that were interrupted include

Ouverture anticafé à Strasbourg le 18 Décembre 2017 :

Payer son café à l'heure est devenue réalité à Strasbourg aujourd'hui avec l'inauguration de l'anticafé situé 1 Rue de la Division Leclerc, 67000 Strasbourg tout près de l'arrêt de tram Langstross/Grand Rue (CTS Tram A & D).

Withdraw to bank account via SEPA transfer(europe):

A way back to fiat: After being around crypto for quite a bit maybe you thought about withdrawing some money back to fiat, this could be some profit you've got from successful trading crypto, maybe it was a post on steemi