I kind of forgot about account creation tokens

Going through my wallet I realized I haven't claimed account tokens for a while.

Account tokens as their name suggest are used to create a new account for someone on the hive blockchain for free. So you can use them to onboard new friends or stack up until you start your own community or dapps to onboard as many people as possible.

The process to claim you token is pretty straight forward you have to :

  1. Click on your profile and go to wallet

  2. Next to your Hive power click the drop-down menu and select "Claim Multiple Account Creation Tokens"
    account token.png

  3. A pop-up will come showing how many tokens you can claim according to your current Resource Credits (RC), you can enter how many you want to claim

  4. Click confirm and it is done (Note: you need to be logged in with your active key in order to sign this transaction)

For maximum efficiency you have to claim them regularly because the amount you get is related to you Ressource Credits (RC) and once it is fully charged you can't have more. You can't claim a month worth of tokens if like me you forgot about those for half a year or so. Damm I probably missed 100s of free hive accounts :)

I will probably do a post later on how to use account creation token to create a new account to onboard someone else to Hive.

Thank you for your attention !