Investing in the stock market - uber sell 160% profit:

Hello everybody,

As part of my challenge to get the weekly author badge I wanted to share with you my experience of using the Revolut app to trade on the US stock market.

Even for the basic account you are allowed a few free trades per month with Revolut which is sufficient for me to buy and hold stock on the medium-long term. I usually only buy a few different stock per month when I get paid to have some exposure to the booming US stock market.

I have been using the Revolut app for stock trading since the start of 2020 and I am satisfied with it at the moment and they keep on improving the app so it is great.

I decided to invest more money in the stock market after the coronavirus crash and one of the stock I picked was Uber @$18.79 (I missed an opportunity to buy even lower @$16.5) and I also bought Latam(LTM) shares but that didn't go that well.

I thought that Latam would recover but they declared bankruptcy a few months after and that was a shame. I thought my investment was gone and that I wouldn't be able to sell for sometimes and that I would have to go through the bankruptcy process but luckily I was able to sell and make like $0.04 profit per share due to a last minute unexpected jump in price before it would be delisted from Revolut and Nasdaq.
I have to say I was very happy to get my initial investment back :)

Anyway back to uber, the stock did a nice recovery since march and ended up being a better investment then crypto when I sold yesterday at a 160.88% profit for a price of $49.02 per share.


At the beginning of the year I didn't think the stock market would recover that fast and I have to say all my position entered this year are at a profit which is great news.

I hope Hive will also take advantage of the current BTC bull run and I hope that my investment will be much bigger by the end of 2020.

Have a great day all and see you tomorrow !

Disclaimer: this is not financial advise.